Women’s Ministry

Women of Vision meet bi-monthly. We offer support, encouragement and prayer for one another. Women meet for social gatherings such as game nights, conference, breakfasts, and special events that bond us all together as one. Women learn how to be equipped, educated and empowered through the Word of God.

Food Pantry Ministry

GVT reaches out to individuals and the community as a whole donating food, toiletries, and other necessities to families in need Weekly distribution of items Sunday and Wednesday. 

Wardrobe Assistance Ministry

This ministry provides donated clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women and children in need while ministering to their spiritual needs as well.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

This ministry provides information and support to assist members with maintaining the kind of marriage that God wants for His people to have according to the wedding vows covenant agreement. This ministry helps members work through the various differences in personality that each partner brings to the marriage.

Single’s Ministry

This ministry teaches singles how to live victorious and fulfilling lives through Jesus Christ. Through studies and fellowships, singles learn to live a life that is pleasing to Christ. They learn to be whole in Christ while unmarried, so they will remain whole in Christ while married.

Senior Ministry

Seniors in the community are assisted with appointment scheduling, pharmacy refills via phone, transportation scheduling for appointments to and from hospital visits, dialysis, etc. This ministry is a liaison between the caregivers and the seniors so their lives are a little more comfortable and enjoyable.